Create your own Instagram Puzzle Grid!

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The "Must Have" Tool to make your Instagram Grid POP!

😬 OK so you feel a little ashamed when you see someone has dropped by your Insta profile. It looks chaotic at best and dull at worst. Well, no need to sit there lamenting - let's teach you how to create your own puzzle grids using Canva.

Puzzle Grids do so much more than look pretty. Here is what you will find when you start using them: 

  • People become invested in the puzzle grids post and will actively follow the sequence of posts.
  • The eye-catching nature of each post will have your "profile visits" soaring as your followers want to see the end result.
  • You can showcase your creativity, your brand and your products and services - that is a powerful punch in a pretty puzzle!
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Hi, my name is Sarah

I'm the founder and director of Online Social Butterfly, a digital marketing agency specialising in training and consulting. With 10 years in digital marketing and 25+ years in marketing and communications, I can confidently say I know my way around "the Facebooks" 😉

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